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Public Health Facility Listing Trinidad & Tobago

There are currently 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.
Canaan Health Centre
Submitted by: Canaan

Carenage Health Centre
Submitted by: Constabulary Street, Carenage

Castara Health Centre
Submitted by: Castara

Caura Hospital
Submitted by: St Augustine

Cedros Health Centre
Submitted by: St. Marie Street, Bonasse

Chaguanas District Health Facility
Submitted by: Main Road and Galt St., Chaguanas

Charlotteville Health Centre
(868) 660-6751; (868) 660-6055
Submitted by: Charlotteville

Chatham Health CentreSubmitted by: Main Road, Belle View

Claxton Bay Health Centre
Submitted by: Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay

Coryal Outreach Centre
Submitted by: Corner Balata Hill Road and Cumuto Main Road, Coryal

Couva District Health Facility
(868) 636-4024, (868) 225-HEAL
Submitted by: Main Road, Couva

Cumana Outreach Centre
Submitted by: Toco Main Road, Cumana Village, Cumana

Cumuto Outreach Centre
Submitted by: Main Road, Cumuto

Cunupia Health Centre
Submitted by: Larchu Trace, Cunupia

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